Ombrellitos can go anywhere your get together is.

All your catering and beverage needs can be brought to you.

Whether you’re catering for a few guests at home, the office,

staff training and meetings or small celebrations Ombrellitos

can be there to make it happen. We’re happy to review

your suggested location to make sure it’s all set for catering.


Our executive catering is available for those who have a

minimum of 5 guests. Food must be included when

we’re serving alcohol to your group.

The important stuff

Ombrellitos treats compliance and law regulations seriously

to ensure your event goes smoothly. There will always be

a duty manager onsite and your guests will be comfortable

and looked after.

Get in touch today

Ombrellitos is ready to go when you are, the sooner you

get in touch, the sooner you can sit back and let

Ombrellitos take care of everything.

Contact Ed on 027 925 4282 to check your dates and

impress your guests with great catering.

Even better, visit the team at Ombrellitos on 8

Stafford Street, Dunedin.


Petridish building,

8 Stafford Street,


03 477 8773 

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