New acts at Ombrellos and Ombrellitos:

As you know, Ombrellos has live music every Friday and we really like to support local acts. We like to give new acts the opportunity to become part of our established band list.


At Ombrellos, we try to have live music every Friday (unless it is a holiday) and we have a number of music acts who are regular performers. We don’t have a preference in what music is played, so long as it is not heavy rock (for those who wear monster t-shirts, we are very sorry) or offensive, (it’s OK to be cheeky tho). We do however have some rules that are in place to ensure that our customers enjoy a relaxed time at Ombrellos. We will tell you those rules further down.


New acts:


We would love you to become a known act in Ombrellos, but first we need to check your performance. Sorry, we don’t check facebook pages, youtube videos, or sound cloud. We don’t go to your other gigs. It does not matter if you come from Sydney, or the UK, or Gore, We need you to first have a quick set at Ombrellitos. This way we can actually check that:


  1. Your act is suitable for our audience

  2. Your volume is not too loud

  3. You can play a couple of sets (don’t worry, we are not after the next Jimmy Hendrix)

  4. You don’t play that song we all have heard before, “the tunning song”, or that one that goes “check, one, two”.

  5. You don’t have technical problems with your equipment

  6. Most importantly, that you are nice people who we will enjoy and welcome.


Our rules:
  1. No heavy rock allowed. We have seen bands clear our venue with their rock’n roll.

  2. No drumkits will be allowed. Unless of course you don’t want to get paid. We do accept percussions, such as congas, bongos, cajon, djembes, bells, etc.

  3. No drunken musicians. We have a host responsibility to keep, that includes the band.

  4. Bring your own PA, instruments, mics, stands and cables. We don’t even know what a multi-plug is, nevermind an XLR, or a mono jack. We just know the shape of a power socket. If you need anything technical we can tell you “no” right now. We know about food, wine, beers, and fun. We trust you know the music side.


So, what next:

Come to Ombrellitos and talk to a member of staff. leave your contact details with them. We will call you back to book a gig with you.


The Ombrellos gig:


We have as list of bands that are regular acts in Ombrellos. We review this list every month.  We bear in mind the following:

  1. The performance of the act. 

  2. How the bond with customers and how well received they are by the audience

  3. Volume of music

  4. Their effort to advertise on social media

  5. their own following.

Bands get paid $200 to play from 5 PM top 7 PM ( we mean start the first song at 5 PM) on a Friday. Bands also get a platter of food at the end of their gig. In terms of beverages we stick to our host responsibility and follow the sale and supply of alcohol act. Remember, if you are playing music at Ombrellos we consider you are are supplying a services to Ombrellos and will be treated like a member of staff. You can ask for free or discounted drinks but we reserve the right to serve you or not based on the Sale and Supply of alcohol Act.

To get paid:

  1. You must present an invoice for the act. the invoice must be clear about your trading name or your own name. Name of the act if it is not registered as a business is not accepted. Please provide a bank account number for a deposit

  2. You also need to lodge this Inland revenue form with us IR330C

Please note: Due to new Anti Money Laundry legislation taking effect, we will no longer be able to pay cash to bands. the procedure we have set is in order to comply with the new legislation. 

We look forward to hearing you.


Petridish building,

8 Stafford Street,


03 477 8773 

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