Ombrellitos accounts:

Why not take advantage of our loyalty business accounts by opening one with us. You can have 2 coffees for the price of one, book catering events, functions and more importantly, take discounts based on your monthly consumption.

How does the Ombrellitos account work?

  1. Fill in our account application form and hand it over at the bar or email it to us:

  2. We will run a few checks.

  3. we will send you a text once the account is created with the name of your account

From this point you will have the following privileges:

  • Order catering delivered to any address in Dunedin

  • Book events without the need for a deposit

  • Buy two coffees for the price of one (great for meetings and interviews)

  • get monthly discounts based on your expenditure (10% from 100 to $500, 15% thereafter)

To open an account just download the following form, complete it and hand it back to us, or email it to


Petridish building,

8 Stafford Street,


03 477 8773 

Bar and Cafe

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